Data Engineering

Improvements on performance reliability of your data

Data Engineering

Data is a valuable asset for 21st century companies To capture its value efficiently, it is necessary to comply with best practices, thus ensuring the quality and availability of data throughout the organization at each stage of the chain.

Snow Fox AI offers the following services:

Diagnostic of Data Systems

Diagnosis and optimization of data systems, including data pipelines and ETL processes. Our services cover detailed analysis, recommendations, and implementation of improvements to enhance the performance and reliability of your system. In addition, we identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, ensuring the capture of all the potential value of data in your organization.

Drawing and Implementation of Data Structures

Design and implementation, both locally and in the cloud, of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, providing centralized data repositories for reporting and predictive modeling. Additionally, we assist in the selection and implementation of Business Intelligence tools and platforms.

Data Analysis Construction

Design and Construction of Data Analysis and Visualization using advanced tools and techniques, which help in understanding your data, identifying trends and patterns, and presenting them in a clear and intuitive way.

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Data and analytics pipeline structuring for a Media Company

Data-driven transformation carried out quickly, obtaining visibility of all performance indicators. With more than 50 views, the decision-making process has become more effective and efficient.