The right price for your product considering your portfolio, competition and seasonality

Price optimization

The choice between increasing market share, volume or profitability is crucial. Based on identifying the ideal price combination for each product in your portfolio - taking into account margin, elasticity, cannibalization, and several other factors - Price Guru strategically aims to maximize the results obtained from your company.

Price Guru works with very low human interference, performing complex calculations of margin and elasticity, identifying products that compete with each other and determining the best price positioning in relation to competitors.

More efficiency in your team

Very low human intervention and greater scalability

Achieve strategic objectives

The best price for every occasion according to your strategic goal

Balance the pricing

The ideal combination of prices for your portfolio, maximizing results

Success Cases

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Price optimization | PriceGURU

Price optimization, based on a sophisticated causal learning model, for a retail company, carried out according to the company's macro-market strategy. By combining demand forecasting with cross-elasticity forecasting, along with precise price adjustment, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in profit margin.