Show the right offer to the right person at the right time with segMENTOR©

Offer segmentation with Artificial Intelligence

The segMENTOR does true one-to-one Marketing, because, using a data-driven approach, it understands hidden patterns and eliminates preconceived bias at levels that traditional segmentation cannot achieve.

The segMENTOR works with very low human intervention, freeing up human resources for analytical and creative tasks. In addition, segMENTOR is prepared to handle a high volume of transactions.

Reproduzir Vídeo Sobre segmentacao de ofertas com Inteligencia artificial ()

Increase your sales

Personalized offers to significantly improve sales conversion

Be more efficient

Automation of segmentation tasks to make your team more free

Get scale

Offers with unlimited segments with very low human intervention

segmentor ()

Exit Intent Popups

Engage and convert users before they leave your page. Use smart targeting to present your users with a highly personalized and relevant offer, optimizing your conversions

Success Cases

Is your company not here? Let's find the ideal solution!

setor financeiro

Automating the extraction of PDF information using OCR techniques

Creation of an automatic document processing pipeline, which combines advanced technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR) with supervised extraction of entities from natural language texts
Reproduzir Vídeo Sobre segmentacao de ofertas com Inteligencia artificial ()