Generate value quickly for your organization with Machine Learning as a Service Snow Fox AI

(Machine Learning as a Service)

Accelerate the integration of AI in your organization with the implementation of Machine Learning as a Service by Snow Fox AI. Our pre-built AI models allow organizations to leverage the latest Machine Learning technologies without the need to develop their own models from scratch. Our MLaaS offering is ideal for companies with limited AI budgets or low research and development (R&D) capacity.

See if your business needs MLaaS:

Acceleration of AI usage

Need to accelerate the use of AI starting from pre-built models, without the need to own the model

AI Team

A team of AI still in formation or with an expected demand exceeding the capacity of delivery

Scenario and budget of AI

Scenarios with long-term duration forecast (24 months or more) and budget allocated to operational expenses (OPEX)

Low research capacity

Low Research and Development (R&D) capacity to keep up with the development of new models

Success Cases

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Price optimization | PriceGURU

Price optimization, based on a sophisticated causal learning model, for a retail company, carried out according to the company's macro-market strategy. By combining demand forecasting with cross-elasticity forecasting, along with precise price adjustment, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in profit margin.