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Financial process automation using Computer Vision

Increase in margin compared to mirror stores

Success Cases

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Push notifications based on user behavior | SEGMENTOR

Strategy targeting push notifications based on user behavior within shopping centers, considering external and behavioral factors, has been successfully implemented. This innovative approach has resulted in more effective communication and increased sales.
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Click-through Rate Improvement for a Multinational Consumer Goods CPG | SEGMENTOR

Multifaceted approach that combined data analysis to understand user behavior, implementation of segmentation techniques to reach the right audience, and optimized smart exit intent design to increase visual appeal.
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Mapeamento e previsão de safras agrícolas

Employing advanced technologies such as remote sensing and artificial intelligence, crop productivity has been accurately analyzed and predicted, taking into account variables such as climate, soil, and cultivation practices. The valuable insights generated have contributed to the optimization of agricultural resource management, increased yields, and the ability to meet market demands.
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Price optimization | PriceGURU

Price optimization, based on a sophisticated causal learning model, for a retail company, carried out according to the company's macro-market strategy. By combining demand forecasting with cross-elasticity forecasting, along with precise price adjustment, it was possible to achieve a significant increase in profit margin.
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Automating the extraction of PDF information using OCR techniques

Creation of an automatic document processing pipeline, which combines advanced technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR) with supervised extraction of entities from natural language texts
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Data and analytics pipeline structuring for a Media Company

Data-driven transformation carried out quickly, obtaining visibility of all performance indicators. With more than 50 views, the decision-making process has become more effective and efficient.