Accelerate the use of AI while maintaining ownership of the models with ours MLOps services


(Machine Learning Operations)

Artificial Intelligence for your company

The AI Transformation is not a simple task, especially during the scalability of an organization's operations. With this in mind, Snow Fox AI offers services for the implementation, operation, and continuous improvement of MLOps.

These services are designed to help companies reduce initial investment and increase the productivity rate of their AI team.

Evaluate the need for MLOps in your business

AI Team

A team of AI still in formation or with an expected demand exceeding the capacity of delivery

Forecast of Usage

Scenarios with a long-term duration forecast (24 months or more) and the need to own the IP (intellectual property) of the model

Reduction of decapitalization

Need to reduce capital expenses (CAPEX) at the beginning of implementation, transforming them into operational expenses (OPEX)

Research and Development

Insufficient Research and Development (R&D) capacity to keep up with the innovations in AI models developed by Snow Fox AI

Success Cases

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setor financeiro

Automating the extraction of PDF information using OCR techniques

Creation of an automatic document processing pipeline, which combines advanced technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR) with supervised extraction of entities from natural language texts